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8th grade math and 7th grade pre-algebra

Melissa Means

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Units 9 and 10 test will be given this Thursday, March 8.  Your child will be given a study guide tomorrow (Tuesday) which will be due Wednesday.  I will go over it on Wednesday and answer any questions they may have prior to the test Thursday.   We are getting close to spring break and it is getting more difficult for the kids to stay focused and do their  work.  Please encourage them to work hard the rest of the week.

New Unit started today

Dear Parents, 
I started the last unit today.  It is on financial literacy.  I actually love this unit and we discuss concepts such as interest, loans, college expenses and ways to pay for college, along with ways to save for retirement.  Of course, a very short condensed version, but very good for this level. It is also skills your child can use throughout their lives.   Your kids may ask you questions about car loans, house loans, etc.  I just wanted to give you a heads up on why they may be asking.  I also want you to know that I always worry about showing them the costs of college.  It is scary on how much it costs and I don't want that to discourage any child from attending college.  I make sure that I follow it up with the different ways to pay for college and how scholarships and grants can also help.  This helps to emphasize the importance of good grades.  As usual, they will have homework daily.  The unit test is scheduled for Friday, March 9th which is the day before we leave for spring break. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me any time.
Thanks for supporting your child's education,
Melissa Means

Six Weeks Test

Your child will have a six weeks test this Wednesday, Dec. 20.  They need to study their practice tests for tests 5 & 6.  They can also study their notes in their spirals. 

TEST 5 coming up

Your child was given a practice test today.  They are to complete it tonight for homework.  I will go over the practice test tomorrow (wednesday) and answer any questions they may have.  They can study this practice test for their test which will be on Thursday.  Thanks for your supporting your child's education.

TEST 4 coming up

Your child worked on a practice test in class Friday.  It is due Monday (10-30-17).  I will go over the practice test Monday and they will be tested over that material Tuesday, 10-31.  They need to study their spirals and practice test to prepare.  Thanks so much!  Mrs. Means 


Your child has a test tomorrow (9-26-17).  They have a practice test that we went over today.  They can re-work or study this practice test.  Thanks!  Mrs. Means


I hope you and your child had a good first week of school. I am sure they came home and told you how busy we were in math! :-)  Yes, we were! I have had several questions on calculators so I wanted to provide you with some information.  Even though your child is not required to have a TI84 graphing calculator, it would be to their advantage.  We have a class set, but they have to stay in the classroom.  A 4-function calculator would help, but it does NOT do near what a TI84 calculator will do.  If you are able to purchase one for your child, the most popular is the TI 84 PLUS CE.  They are approximately $120.  I know this is expensive, but they can use it all through college.  I am looking forward to a great year!!