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6th Grade ELA

Ms. Nancy Cook


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Welcome to 6th Grade ELA!

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ELA Agenda for February 19 - 23

ELA Agenda for February 19 - 23
Monday, Feb. 19 -        Student Holiday
Tuesday, Feb. 20 -       Math Practice STAAR
Wednesday, Feb. 21 -  Reading Practice STAAR
Thursday, Feb. 22 -      Persuasive Poster*
Friday, Feb. 23 -           Persuasive Poster*
Students should AR read each night for 20 minutes, but NO additional 'homework' this week due to testing and student holiday.
* Students will complete their Persuasive Product Poster advertising a product
   of their choice.  The poster must include:
               * Product Name - clearly stated
               * 3 Persuasive Tactics - labeled
               * Product Jingle including 3 forms of Figurative Language (labeled)
               * Theme identified
               * Target Audience identified
               * Neat and Colorful

Agenda for February 12 - 16, 2018
Don't forget this Friday, February 16 marks the end of the 4th Six Weeks. 
Be sure all assignments have been completed and turned in!

Upcoming 6th Grade Benchmarks (Practice STAAR)

Mark your calendar for upcoming benchmarks (practice STAAR tests):
Paper Math Benchmark February 20
Paper Reading Benchmark February 21
Computer Math Benchmark February 28
Computer Reading Benchmark March 1

Agenda for February 5 - 9, 2018

Feb. 5
Students will read opinion texts regarding school uniforms. Half of the students will read  ‘pro’ articles while the other half will read ‘con’ article.s  They will discuss and take notes with a group that read opposite articles. 
Feb. 6
Students will expand their kernel essay into a persuasive essay expressing either their ‘pro’ or ‘con’ position regarding school uniforms.
Feb. 7
Students will use rotation stations to revise and edit their introduction, ‘pro’  points, ‘con’ points, and conclusion.
Feb. 8
Students will peer edit a partner's draft using CUPS.
Feb. 9
Students will complete final draft to display correct knowledge of persuasive tactics and grammar.

Weekly Agenda

6th Grade ELA agenda for January 22 – 26, 2018

Date                          Activity – I will:

Monday, 1/22            create a FRAME about persuasive techniques.

Tuesday, 1/23           analyze authors’ use of BANDWAGON and                                                       TESTIMONIAL.

Wednesday, 1/24     analyze authors’ use of SENTIMENTAL and                                                     EXAGGERATION.

Thursday, 1/25         analyze authors’ use of FALSE AUTHORITY and                                            SCARE TACTIC.

Friday, 1/26             analyze authors’ use of PLAIN FOLKS and SNOB                                            APPEAL.


Students should read 20 minutes every night!

Homework is assigned on Monday and due on Friday.

Due to the bad weather days last week, by this Friday, January 26, all students should have taken:

  1. An AR Vocabulary Test and passed it.
  2. A Nonfiction AR Book Test and passed it.

BASKETBALL and BLUEBELL has been rescheduled for this Friday, January 26

Students who have taken one AR Vocabulary Test (and passed) and have 10 AM points will be invited to the gym to play basketball (or just hang out with their friends) and enjoy some Blue Bell ice cream.

Blue Bell & Basketball

Calling all students!!!
You are cordially invited to Blue Bell & Basketball next Friday, January 19!
Have earned 10 AM points and passed 1 AR Vocabulary test!
Hope to see you there!!!


I am currently reading the book, Wonder, to all the 6th Grade ELA classes. Research shows that reading high-quality literature helps to develop enthusiastic readers and improve achievement (Block & Mangieri, 2002).    
If students pass the AR test associated with the book, we will watch the movie.  At this time, I'm not sure if we will travel to the theater or watch the movie on campus, but I feel the book and the movie have a strong anti-bullying message that is worthy of our time and attention.
Review of Wonder
August is ready to go to school, or at least he thinks he is in Wonder by R. J. Palacio. Auggie Pullman likes ice cream and Xbox, just like every other kid, but he doesn't look like everyone else. How will Auggie survive his first year at Beecher Prep? Will he find a group of friends he can really trust? The only way to find out is to read his story and marvel in wonder at how Auggie handles it all.
Born with a facial anomaly that has required over two-dozen surgeries, 10-year-old Auggie Pullman is a pretty ordinary, Xbox-playing, ice cream-loving kid behind the face. When he gets to attend elementary school after a lifetime of home schooling, he's excited and scared. Even with the support of his close-knit, loving family, being the new kid is always rough, but with a face that often elicits both stares and shrieks, it's even harder. Auggie starts Beecher Prep and discovers who is a real friend and who isn't, and the challenges of community. With multiple narrators, observations of Auggie and his experience are diverse, adding nuance and depth to the story.

6 Weeks Reminders......

Please remind your student that by Friday, January 19, he or she should have:
1. read and taken a test on a nonfiction book, and       
2. taken a vocabulary test.
Further, by Friday, February 16 (the last day of the 6 weeks), your child should have:
1.  read and taken an AR test on another nonfiction book,
2.  read and taken an AR test on a fiction book, and
3.  taken a second vocabulary test.

Happy 2018!!

Persuasive Text and Media will be our focus for this six weeks in 6th Grade ELA.  We will explore how persuasive texts try to persuade or convince the reader to do something or believe something outlined by the author. Students will also examine the various persuasive tactics such as bandwagon, sentiment, testimonial, exaggeration, false authority, scare tactic, snob appeal, and plain folks, used in media.  As part of the performance assessment, students will create their own advertisement project incorporating several of these tactics.  Further, students will write a persuasive essay again incorporating the techniques they have learned. 
Below you will find a copy of our Unit Organizer (UO). 
The UO is a graphic depiction that shows students:
  • what we will be learning,
  • how we will be learning, and
  • when we will learn it! 
I consider the UO a road map; it helps the students visualize where we are, where we've been (our last unit) and where we're going (our next unit). 
The UO stresses to the student that we will evaluate, explore, analyze, generate and connect the components within the unit. 
The UO also provides a schedule so that the students know when we will be working on specific assignments.

Dress up as your favorite book character on Tuesday, October 31!