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Mrs. Wilson's ELA Classes

Welcome!  I am so excited at the beginning of every new school year.  It's a time to try new things and challenge ourselves.  Language Arts is one of those classes that does it all.  The analytical skills and literature that we read broadens our minds and pushes us to new intellectual and personal heights.  The many skills that are learned, utilized, customized, and strengthened take everyone to the real world where they are implemented and honed. 

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Let the journey begin!


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Students need to write in their dialectical journal as they read.  They should not read the chapter first then go back.  That takes too much time, and this is meant to be completed as they read.  It should not take an extreme amount of time to do.   
If students have short chapters, they know to come to me so I can work with them. 
The critical thinking and analytical skills these students have been honing since 6th grade are being assessed in this project.  This also reiterates that students need to prioritize their time wisely so they can satisfy all academic requirements. 

Student Reading Log updated 2015

This reading log must be completed and turned in before students can take an AR test.
Their books have to be approved by me before they read, and that approval along with their reading range is noted on the log.
All goals are individualized based on that particular student's reading level.