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Library » What's Mrs. Hawthorne Reading?

What's Mrs. Hawthorne Reading?

What Mrs. Hawthorne's Reading...


The Haven

by Carol Lynch Williams

Haven Hospital and Halls is a "safe" place for the Terminals, young people who have contracted the "Disease" and live within the Haven's walls. Having the Disease can cost the patient their limbs, organs, memories - even their lives. But, a group of the Terminals have figured out what the haven is REALLY all about and it isn't safe at all.

The plot of The Haven is good and quite suspenseful, but, like other books, The Haven sort of rushes to the end too soon after the discovery occurs. It is a nice-sized thriller, though, and many readers will enjoy the story.


In Between

By Jenny B. Jones

4.3 RL ~ 12 Points

This is a great book! It tells the story of a girl who gets sent from foster home to foster home while her mother’s in prison. She ends up in In between, Texas, with foster parents who are willing to give her a chance. Although the subject matter is serious, the story is offset with a lot of laugh-out-loud humor, giving a fresh and authentic perspective of this spunky teenager!


The Among the Hidden series

by Margaret Peterson Haddix

4.8 RL (average)

5 Points (average)

It’s a society that only allows two children in each family. Luke is a “third child” and lives in isolation on his family’s farm. He eventually leaves his secret home and is instrumental in toppling the Population Police. The series is interesting and realistic.


Monument 14

by Emmy Laybourne

4.0 RL ~ 10 Points

The story takes place in Monument, Colorado. The "14" might refer to the number of students involved. When catastrophic weather events evidently happen in the U.S., a bus load of kids take refuge in a large department/grocery store. Because toxic gases escape from a chemical plant, the kids seal off the building and lock themselves in. There are a number of inconsistences in the story - half of the world is seemingly destroyed, including all internet, but electricity is still on in the store. Also, evidently, televisions are a thing of the past, but one is miraculously still operating, giving news updates. There is a sequel, Fire in the Sky, that might, perhaps, explain some of the holes left in the first book's plot.



The Best Bad Luck I Ever Had

by Kristin Levine

4.2 RL ~ 9 Points

The story is set in Alabama in 1917. Twelve year-old Dit, a white, 12 year-old boy, becomes friends with the new girl in town, a black girl named Emma. It tells of the racial inequity of the times in the South and gives a pretty good account of best friends and the joys and struggles that they face, of all ages and races.


The Delirium series

by Lauren Oliver

6.1 RL ~ 18 Points

In this dystopian tale, all young adults have surgery before they get the disease "love". Some of the teenagers escape and join the rebellion against the new law and all kinds of violence and mayhem follows. The three books are very good and there are other sequels expected.


Unwind - Unwholly - Unsouled - Undivided

by Neal Shusterman

5 RL ~ 14 Points (average)

Imagine a society where parents can turn in their unacceptable teenagers to the government to be "rewound" - their body parts reused to help others see, hear, walk again, etc. Connor and other teenagers battle to revoke the awful law. These books are extremely well-written and very, very thought provoking. Some of the events in the books may be too intense for more sensitive readers, but the story line is sure to keep readers intrigued.


The Nature of Jade

by Deb Caletti

4.5 RL ~ 11 Points

Jade's life is defined by her anxiety disorder until she discovers a mysterious boy who often visits the local zoo. The Nature of Jade gives an accurate account of a teenage girl's struggle with the obstacles in her life and her attempts to resolve the issues. The book has a simple plot, but with enough surprises to keep it interesting.


Burnt Orange

by Melody Carlson

4.8 RL ~ 7 Points

A girl, wanting to be popular, begins drinking at parties in an attempt to be accepted by the "cool" kids. This book is part of the True Colors series, and each book depicts a particular struggle a young person may go through. The books portray teenagers in many tough situations, but because the books are faith-based, each book offers hope.


 The Gardener

by S. A. Bodeen

4.2 AR Level ~ 8 Points

A science laboratory is the main source of employment in a small town, owning several facilities, including the nursing home. When a teenage boy visits his mother, a nursing home employee, at her job, he discovers several teens who his mother claims are victims of severe head trauma and are comatose. Through a series of circumstances, one of the comatose teens awakes and becomes the object of an intense search. As the teenage boy, Mason, helps the young woman escape, the facts of who she is and how she “lives” becomes a source of both horror and fascination for him. The book is very interesting, in a creepy sort of way, and is one of those plots that “could happen,” but that we hope never does.