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Mrs. Wilson's ELA Classes

Welcome!  I am so excited at the beginning of every new school year.  It's a time to try new things and challenge ourselves.  Language Arts is one of those classes that does it all.  The analytical skills and literature that we read broadens our minds and pushes us to new intellectual and personal heights.  The many skills that are learned, utilized, customized, and strengthened take everyone to the real world where they are implemented and honed. 

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Let the journey begin!


Recent Posts

It's almost over!!!

Good afternoon!  Just 40 days left of school!  Students will take their STAAR tests April 10 and 11.  These projects are multi-faceted as they serve as the students' final for the six weeks and their review for the annual assessment.  As you know, students need to apply their knowledge on a very deep level that took three years to accumulate.  Their reading requirements are all meant to help students become successful. 
Tomorrow, students will be able to test over their novel for their project during their class period.  All students should be ready as they have had since February 9 to read it and complete their projects.  Students will also be able to work on their projects during that time (plot diagram, character chart, and T-Shirt).  Please remind your student to bring their entire project to class. NO late or incomplete projects will be accepted.  Students will turn in their completed projects the next day, Thursday. 
Can't wait!!

5th Six Weeks Reading Project

Student were given their 5th six weeks today. This will enlist their creative side and will be more fun.  Once again, students need to be responsible with this obligation and prioritize their time. 
Projects assess their knowledge and demonstrate mastery.  Failure to do the projects and/or to the best of their ability cheats them out of learning and progressing. 
Again, these skills have been spiraled since 6th grade and should be mastered in 8th grade. The projects are to be done completely independently since it is an assessment.  Authenticity is key. 
I can't wait to see what they do!  They will present their projects the last week of the six weeks.  This will be a presentation grade. 

Nonfiction Reading Project

 A quick reminder that the Nonfiction Reading Project the students received December 19 is due Monday, February 5.  The complete, neat, and correct dialectical journal AND their reading test.
The last day to test on their book will be this Friday the 2nd of February.  Students will have their class period to finish the project and test on their book, so there are NO excuses for not being able to test on the book.  The students know that they must present a teacher-approved and completed reading log in order to test. Failure to present this at the time of testing will result in them NOT being able to test on the book.  This has been the practice all year. 

Wordly Wise 4

Students recorded their vocabulary information in their ISN's today and have this list of words to study from for the week.  They need to be prepared for a test next Monday or Tuesday. 
Students are encouraged to use these words as this solidifies their knowledge.  Memorization does not instill knowledge. 

ELA Reading Project

17 more days!!
Students will need to test over the book by Friday, February 2 since the completed project is due Monday, February 5.
The completed project:  A completed, very neat and correctly written dialectical journal along with either a TOPS report or their Reading Log.  Their reading log proves that the novel was teacher-approved, completely read, and the teacher will record the test grade on it.  This will be turned in WITH the dialectical journal.
I been doing journal checks every Friday to check for progress and giving students feed back with format.
They should have a grand total of a minimum of 10 entries per chapter.  For those that I have told to combine chapters, that means 10 entries through out those chapters - no individual chapters.
I am available during homeroom and tutorials for guidance. 


Students need to write in their dialectical journal as they read.  They should not read the chapter first then go back.  That takes too much time, and this is meant to be completed as they read.  It should not take an extreme amount of time to do.   
If students have short chapters, they know to come to me so I can work with them. 
The critical thinking and analytical skills these students have been honing since 6th grade are being assessed in this project.  This also reiterates that students need to prioritize their time wisely so they can satisfy all academic requirements. 

ELA Project

I wanted to clarify, as I thought it was understood, that a student must test over their AR book when they turn in their project.  I will print out the TOPS report and put it in their dialectical journal. 
To be clear:  The COMPLETE project is due February 5 and no later.

Non-fiction dialectial journal project

8th graders are two weeks away from being official Pre-High Schoolers!
Please read the attached project information. 
The due date for the project is February 5, 2018.  There will be no reading goal adjustments.  Students can plan and prioritize their time to meet all reading requirements for ELA. 
No late work will be accepted.  This is a test grade in addition to their book test for their chosen novel. 

Wordly Wise voc 3

Students are to study all forms of these words.  They will be working with them daily and be required to know the definitions by Wednesday with a work bank.  Monday is the test, and they will not have either one. 

Characteristics of Nonfiction notes

Students began a non-fiction unit today.  They will be analyzing a non-fiction text, researching the author and time period, completing various activities, and demonstrating their knowledge.
It is important the students are in attendance as they have been broken up into collaborative literature circles and will need to stay current, so they can contribute to their circle. 

ELA and Halloween!

Halloween is a fun time and we would love it if your student dressed up as a character from their book!

All they need to do is the following: 
*  Get an entry form from their ELA teacher that details their book character
*  The book has to be on their reading level and they have to pass the AR test on that book
*  The costume needs to be approved by the ELA teacher.  They just need to draw what it will basically look like, etc..  We want to be sure it is school appropriate.
I know 8th grade is usually the time when students think they are too big or cool for things, but I hope they participate and show their creativity.  The form must be completed and turned in by October 27, 2017.