ELA: Weeks of October 2 and 9.

October 2 - dress code is back in effect.  ALL students must wear their badges.  It is also a spirit shirt day. 
October 3 and 5 - Tutorials are back!  I have been available but students had to make arrangements.  This week, bus transportation will be provided.  They end at 4:10.
October 9 is set aside for parent conferences.  I emailed several parents requesting one, as well as, made a notation on your student's report card.  I look forward to meeting with you and your student to find out how we can all ensure their success.
October 13:  Progress report cut off - students must have taken their vocabulary test.  Also, it's a good idea for them to have half their goal to ensure success and lessen their stress.  No one likes reading several books and hundreds of pages in a week!  It is also our PINK pep rally.
This next week we will be analyzing the drama of "Diary of Anne Frank".  They will analyze it and take a test over it.
Then, the students will take a unit one test over fiction and drama. Students will analyze and correct mistakes in class to increase their grade. As  a group, this allows them to understand their mistakes and me to help them. It also give students an opportunity to help one another understand.