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Week of January 23

This week we will be finishing up our review of the Order of Operations. We will move into writing algebraic expressions and have homework on Tuesday and Thursday. (Pg. 531 and Pg. 543)
By now all students should have at least 12 AM points. Please encourage your child to try to meet their AM goal of 25 points this six weeks.
TUESDAY is the last day to redo or make-up Chapter 6 test.

Week of November 14

Monday- What's the better deal writing response
Tuesday- Converting Measurements
                     HW pg. 337 #'s 1-13
Wednesday- Converting Measurements
Thursday- Review Converting Measurements & Quiz
Friday- Review Quiz & catch up on AM
All AM tests must be scanned by 3:30 on Friday. Do not go into the holiday with outstanding tests; they can easily be lost or forgotten about.

Week of October 24

Monday- Divide Decimals
                HW- Pg. 119 #'s 1-9
Tuesday- Review Multiply and Divide Decimals
                HW Pg. 183 #'s 1-8
Wednesday- Review Multiply and Divide Fractions and Decimals
Thursday- Multiply and Divide Fractions and Decimals QUIZ
Friday- Intro to Ratios

Week of October 17

Monday- Make-up Test. Chapter 3
Tuesday- Multiply Fractions
                HW- Pg. 127 #'s 1-8
                        Pg. 139 #'s 1-9
                       (Time given in class to get started)
Wednesday- Divide Fractions
                 HW- Pg. 155 #'s 1-12
                         Pg. 167 #'s 1-10
                        (Time given in class to get started)
Thursday- Review Multiply and divide Fractions
Friday- Multiply decimals
                HW- Pg.109 #'s 1-13
                (Time given in class to complete. 
                    ONLY HW if not completed in class)

Week of October 10

Monday- No School
Tuesday- Integer Operations
                HW. Pg.253 #'s 1-10 (Remember P.E.M.D.A.S)
Wednesday- Test Review(Complete for HW)
Thursday- Chapter 3 Test (Integers)
Friday- Review Addition and Subtraction of fraction and decimals
If students do not have assigned homework for math--
They should be completing at LEAST ONE AM practice at home. Students can either scan at home or fill out the scantron to scan in class the following day.

Week of October 3rd

Monday- Review adding and subtracting integers
               Introduce distributive property
Tuesday- Multiply Integers
               HW- Pg. 235 #'s 1-9
Wednesday- Divide Integers
               HW- Pg. 245 #'s 1-15
Thursday- Multiply and Divide Integers
Friday- Multiply and Divide Integers
              Turn in HW from Wednesday.

Week of September 26

Monday- Add integers
Tuesday- Add Integers
Wednesday- Subtract integers
Thursday- Subtract integers
Friday- Add and subtract integer review
*Students will only have homework this week if they do not finish the assignments in class*

Week of September 19

Monday- Coordinate Plane
                HW Pg. 89 #'s 1-17
Tuesday- Coordinate Plane
Wednesday- Test Review
                 Turn in HW
Thursday- Test
Friday- Review Rational Numbers & intro to adding integers

Week of September 12

Monday- Classify Rational Numbers
Tuesday- Classify Rational Numbers
                 HW- Pg. 73 #'s 1-15
Wednesday- Compare and Order Rational Numbers
                 HW Pg. 81 #'s 1-9
Thursday- Compare and Order Rational Numbers
Friday- Compare and Order Rational Numbers

Week of September 5

Monday- No School
Tuesday- Equivalent fractions, decimals and percent
                HW- Lesson 16 WS (Front and Back)
Wednesday-Equivalent fractions, decimals and percent
Thursday-Test Review- Students WILL come home with a review               
                Turn in Lesson 16 WS (Front and Back)
Friday- Test- Bring review back, COMPLETED, for 5 bonus points!

Week of August 29

Monday- Equivalent Fractions
Tuesday-Converting mixed numbers and improper fractions 
                (Backward C &T.I.B.O)
Wednesday-Converting fractions and decimals
                HW- Pg. 61 #'s 1-11
Thursday- Converting fractions and decimals
Friday-Converting fractions, decimals, and percent
            Turn in HW from Wednesday (Pg. 61) 

Week of August 22

Welcome Back!!!
Monday- Review Syllabus, rules, and procedures.
               Hw.- look over syllabus
Tuesday- Star Math test on chromebook
               Receive online book info
Wednesday- Integers and graphing Pgs. 27-32
                HW.- Pg. 31 #'s 1-13
Thursday- Opposites and Absolute Value Pgs. 37-42
               Hw.- Pg. 41 #'s 1-19
Friday- Compare and order integers Pgs. 45-50