Anahuac Middle School

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English Language Arts

Welcome to 7th grade English!

Instructor: Janet Tims     Contact:       

Conference: 7:50-8:40

I am available for parent meetings before school and after school with appointment. Please understand that if you email during the day, after my conference, I  may not get back to you until after school ends. I will do my best to answer emails within a 24 hour period, and as promptly as possible.



60% Tests                                                 40% Daily 

Retesting Guidelines
 PER EIA grading guidelines the district shall permit a student who meets criteria to retake a test. Students wanting to retest should meet the following requirements:
  •      Must not have any missing assignments for the unit being taught. If there are missing assignments they must be turned in and first and late working policy will apply.
  •       Must attend a session of tutorials to prepare for the retest.
  •     An appointment must be set up to indicate the day you’re coming to retest or he teacher may also indicate day, or days, for retesting.
  •      The final grade issued for the redo will be an average of the original grade and the redo grade with the maximum grade of 70.
  •      TWO AR vocabulary tests are taken per six weeks.  One before the THREE week progress report, and the second AFTER the three weeks.  These are tests grades, and the students are responsible for taking them.  They can take them during Renaissance, tutorials, or if time permits, during ELA (this is rare). 


    If a student fails one of them, they can ask for another AR test that will be averaged with their previous test per AMS grading guidelines