Happy 2018!!

Persuasive Text and Media will be our focus for this six weeks in 6th Grade ELA.  We will explore how persuasive texts try to persuade or convince the reader to do something or believe something outlined by the author. Students will also examine the various persuasive tactics such as bandwagon, sentiment, testimonial, exaggeration, false authority, scare tactic, snob appeal, and plain folks, used in media.  As part of the performance assessment, students will create their own advertisement project incorporating several of these tactics.  Further, students will write a persuasive essay again incorporating the techniques they have learned. 
Below you will find a copy of our Unit Organizer (UO). 
The UO is a graphic depiction that shows students:
  • what we will be learning,
  • how we will be learning, and
  • when we will learn it! 
I consider the UO a road map; it helps the students visualize where we are, where we've been (our last unit) and where we're going (our next unit). 
The UO stresses to the student that we will evaluate, explore, analyze, generate and connect the components within the unit. 
The UO also provides a schedule so that the students know when we will be working on specific assignments.