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Ms. Jenna Prejean » Weekly Game Plan

Weekly Game Plan

March 19-23
*I've made a change to our schedule this week. We will begin our Mock STAAR Writing Test next Tuesday, March  27.
Monday: The students will be writing about their Spring Break and completing a grammar assignment.
Tuesday: We will review the expository essay process. We will begin a partner writing activity.
Wednesday: The students will complete the partner writing activity.
Thursday: The students will independently write an expository essay.
Friday: The students will turn-in and present their Book Projects. 
The students have received guidelines for a book project due on March 23. This project is intended to be worked on outside of class and there will be very little class time available to work on it. I have attached the guidelines so that you may have access to them. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me. 
*March 23: Book Project Due
*March 30: Holiday
*April 2: Bad Weather Day
*April 10: STAAR Writing
*April 11: 7th grade Pre-Algebra STAAR
*May 4: Holiday
*May 14: STAAR Math
*May 15: STAAR Reading
Remember that tutorials are Tuesdays and Thursdays until 4:10. This is a wonderful time for students to work on AR, make corrections, complete missing assignments, or get extra help. Students are expected to come in quietly and remain quiet unless they are receiving individual tutoring. If students would like to make corrections to an assignment they earned less than a 70 on, they must stay for tutorials.
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